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Rev's Early Reads: December 18

President Obama holds health care event at White House… new poll shows 66% support raising minimum wage… and a key hearing in the Renisha McBride case.
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President Obama and the First Lady hold event on health care with mothers at the White House.

New poll: 66% favor raising the minimum wage, 57% say the government should try to reduce inequality.

Elizabeth Warren introduces bill that would stop companies from discriminating against prospective employees who have bad credit.

Key pre-trial hearing today in the case of a young Detroit woman killed by a shotgun blast to the face while allegedly trying to seek help.

Lawmakers in 4 states consider bills to create longer prison sentences for defendants in so-called "knockout game" cases.

Think debtors' prisons are a thing of the past? Think again.

"It isn't a mythical war on Christmas. It's real and we just won."