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Rev's Early Reads: December 16

GOP gets ready for more hostage-taking… a Republican critic doubles down on the Obama-Castro handshake… and SNL jumps into "white Santa" controversy.
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Nelson Mandela laid to rest in the village where he grew up.

GOP gets ready for more hostage taking: “We don’t want nothing out of this debt limit."

The man who shook hands with Khaddafy now says this of Obama-Castro: "I don't think he should shake hands with someone who continues to violate his own country's human rights."

GOP state senator: "Obamacare has done more damage to the USA then the swords of the Nazis,Soviets & terrorists combined."

Rep. Paul Ryan on why he proposed budget deal: "We also don’t want to have shutdown drama so we can focus on replacing Obamacare."

Saturday Night Live jumps into the "white Santa" controversy.