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Rev's Early Reads: August 5

Shooter resumes testimony in McBride trial... GOP lawmaker doubles down on "war on whites" claim... Sen. Paul flees when confronted by immigration activist.
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Shooter in Renisha McBride trial resumes testimony today.

Pres. Obama speaks to group of African leaders today in Washington.

GOP lawmaker doubles down on his claim that Pres. Obama and Democrats are waging a "war on whites."

Sen. Rand Paul literally eats and runs when confronted by DREAMer immigration activist in Iowa. (Video)

New tapes of Pres. Nixon talking about Watergate to be released starting today, for 40th anniversary of his resignation.

Republican lawmaker suggests immigrant kids from Central America may be infected with Ebola...

...while Rush Limbaugh claims the left will try to "politicize" Ebola just like they did with AIDS.

Washington Post: 40 years after Nixon's resignation, how has his "Southern Strategy" warped the GOP?