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Rev. Sharpton defends Beyoncé's performance at the Inauguration


Rev. Sharpton weighed in on the controversy over Beyoncé's lip-sync inaugural performance on Thursday's PoliticsNation, saying that she deserves credit for wanting to put forth the best performance possible for such an important event, while simultaneously driving home the point that the scandal is ultimately not as important as the work President Obama is trying to do.

"Some have been trying to say Beyoncé's performance was the big story," Was it live? Was it lip-synced? Both? Who cares! It's not what to remember about the Inauguration."

"His fight to protect main street over Wall Street... gun safety, immigrant rights, women rights, that's the big story this week," he said "These issues are too important for any of us else to get distracted now."

"If Beyoncé did pre-record her song, because she couldn't record with the Marine band, and didn't want to disparage the National Anthem, she should be applauded for that. That's the patriotic thing to do," he argued.

"But the big thing out the Inauguration was the president setting a course for fairness," he said. "Let's focus on the change that we need, the change that we voted for. Do not allow them to majoring in minors and minoring in majors."