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Putting the awww into Obamacare

Can a flock of baby ducks make you fall in love with the Affordable Care Act?
Baby Ducks Adorable Care Act
An image shared by the Adorable Care Act twitter campaign.

Can a flock of baby ducks make you fall in love with the Affordable Care Act?

Get your ducks in a row—visit to #GetCovered starting Oct 1!— Adorable Care Act (@AdorableCareAct) September 26, 2013

From the White House to the Koch Brothers, the push to convince Americans to either love or hate Affordable Care Act is hotter than ever, but the latest emerging campaign is superlative in at least one way: cuteness.

Going by the name "Adorable Care Act" the pro-Obamacare campaign combines pictures of baby animals with facts and information about the health reform law, which reaches a major milestone October 1 as insurance exchanges open. The new ACA campaign has yet to build a sizable audience on twitter just yet, but it is picking up steam with retweets from the White House.

With such social-media-friendly fare as baby chicks, pint-sized mice, and pandas, it seems designed to win over 20-somethings, one of the crucial groups the Obama administration needs to sign up for health care under the new exchanges.

It's not clear who's behind the account; NBC News reached out to the president's group Organizing for America and confirmed they are not running the campaign. The only accounts the Adorable Care Act follows on twitter as of Thursday afternoon are Buzzfeed affiliated.

White House Press Secretary Jay Carney addressed the campaign during Thursday's White House briefing, and while he didn't say if he knew who was behind the effort, he gave his take on why it might help "sell the health care law."

"Everybody loves cute animals," he said.

A White House official released the following statement later in the day.

The "Adorable Care Act" twitter and tumblr accounts are not run by the White House. On social media channels, the White House highlights content from outside individuals, groups and organizations. The Adorable Care Act was highlighted by official White House channels as a creative way to raise awareness around the Affordable Care Act and

If the "Adorable Care Act" doesn't make you feel warm and fuzzy, nothing will.

Check out some tweets from the account, and more content on the tumblr:

From ending lifetime caps to eliminating pre-existing conditions, #Obamacare lets Adorable Animals rest easy:— Adorable Care Act (@AdorableCareAct) September 26, 2013

Don't be a sad panda - health insurance marketplaces open in just 5 days!— Adorable Care Act (@AdorableCareAct) September 25, 2013

Learn more about how cute animals and humans alike benefit by visiting!— Adorable Care Act (@AdorableCareAct) September 26, 2013

NBC News Producer Stacey Klein contributed to this report.