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John Kerry: Romney has 'zero experience in foreign policy'

To hear John Kerry talk, we might as well be calling Mitt Romney "junior."

To hear John Kerry talk, we might as well be calling Mitt Romney "junior."

The Democratic senator of Massachusetts, who has been playing the Republican nominee in debate practice with President Obama, skewered Romney as having "zero experience in foreign policy" just hours before Monday night's debate.

When it comes to foreign policy, Romney and vice-presidential nominee Paul Ryan are the "single most inexperienced twosome to run for president and vice president in modern history of our country," declared Kerry to Politics Nation's Al Sharpton.

"On each step of Mitt Romney's journey in Rosetta Stone foreign policy, what he's done is prove that he has no depth," the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee added.

Kerry pointed to Romney in the past saying it was "tragic" to pull troops out if Iraq, his flip-flopping on when to pull troops out of Afghanistan, and his opposition to the new START treaty Russia.

"Mitt Romney is out of the mainstream, and he's chosen to be there because he's following a group of people who were the Bush advisers that got us in trouble" in the first place," said Kerry, who argued Romney revealed very little in the way of foreign policy specifics.

Kerry would not divulge the president's strategy only saying the president is "enormously anxious to get to this debate. He is ready for this debate because he is proud of his record in defending America."

He added he did not know "which Mitt Romney will show up" at the face-off, but that the GOPer can't run away from past statements and his lack of specificity.