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Texas gun shop sign takes aim at Obama voters

A gun shop owner in Texas has drawn attention with a new sign that reads, “I like my guns like Obama likes his voters: Undocumented."
2014 NRA Convention
People listen to speakers at the 1 Million Moms Against Gun Control rally outside the NRA's Annual Convention in Indianapolis, Indiana, April 26, 2014.

A memorable message on a sign might be a great way to bring potential customers into a storefront, and for one Texas gun store owner that means making a political statement. 

“I like my guns like Obama likes his voters: Undocumented,” the sign outside the Tactical Firearms store in Katy, TX., read. 

The sign has drawn attention in the local community, inspiring local reports as members of the community weigh in. 

The Tactical Firearms owner Jeremy Alcede shared the sign proudly on his Facebook page, linking to a number of stories in the conservative blogosphere touting its virality. While many of the commenters who took to the gun store's page voiced support for the message, a handful accused the message of having racist undertones.  

“Thank God for our First and Second Amendment rights,” Alcede told KTRK in a statement when asked about the sign. “It’s meant as a joke. It’s meant to be funny.”

The latest message from the gun store is the first to directly to reference President Obama in recent months, but it's not the only one to weigh in on political issues. In late April Alcede posted a sign that read "an armed man is a citizen, an unarmed man is a subject" and prior to that he presumably threw his support behind Nevada rancher Cliven Bundy with a message that read, "Victory in Nevada! We the people are the sleeping giant." 

Rather than shy away from the attention, Alcede appears ready to up the ante. He announced in a Facebook post late Monday he would accept suggestions the next message on the store sign from "friends, fans, and most of all loyal customers" with a gold range membership worth $560 going to whoever submits the winning message. 

Alcede is no stranger to controversy, having sparred with the Piers Morgan over gun laws on his now-canceled CNN show last year. He appeared on the program which included fellow gun advocates like rocker-turned-conservative pundit Ted Nugent and Texas Attorney General Greg Abbott.  Afterwards he complained that his responses were overly edited to distort his message. “They completely misrepresented what I wanted to get across, completely,” he told KIAH.