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Campaign co-chair: Voter ID would have won Wisconsin for Romney

Wisconsin Sen.
Photo: AP
Photo: AP

Wisconsin Sen. Alberta Darling, a Republican and co-chair for Mitt Romney’s campaign in the Badger State, told a Milwaukee-based ABC affiliate that a voter ID law would have made a difference in the final statewide vote tally.

“Absolutely, I think so,” Darling said. “I know people will go, ‘We don’t have fraud and abuse in our elections.’ But why, why can’t we have voter ID when the majority of our people in Wisconsin wanted it, we passed it, the governor signed it?”

The law, one that requires voters to show photo identification at the polls, was suspended by a Wisconsin state court in March. It was found to be in violation of the state’s constitution through limitation of voting rights.

Pres. Obama defeated Romney by over 200-thousand votes in Wisconsin on election night.