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Ask Rev: Sharpton on GOP obstructionism, same-sex marriage, and dancing

In Tuesday's Ask Rev segment, Rev.

In Tuesday's Ask Rev segment, Rev. Sharpton answered questions on how to overcome Republican obstructionism and why he supports same-sex marriage when his theological training opposes it.

Duane asks:

"How is the country supposed to move forward if the Republican agenda is to block everything?"

Rev's response:

"It is difficult to move forward, which is why we must register, vote, mobilize and state now, to get obstructionists out of the way. Whether they're Republican or Democrat, obstructionists, people that are just committed to stop things, we must stop them. And the midterm election gives us an opportunity to do that."

Roy asks:

"How is it that you have come to believe that same-sex marriage is right when all your theological training has taught you otherwise?"

Rev's response:

"Because Roy we don't live in a theocracy, we live in a democracy. And theology has nothing to do with people's rights. People have the right to not believe in what I believe in, or what you believe in, or what anyone else believes in. And I have the right not to believe in what others believe in. If I'm in power and you're in power then our theology becomes law, that means that someone else comes into power they can do that to us. That's why when we get married, you can get married by the church as a sacred ceremony, or go to the courts or the justice of the peace as civil. When you divorce you don't go to the church, when you have child support you don't go to the church. People have the right to a civil decision, whether you or I agree with it or not, and I fight to protect that right."

Donna asks:

"Reverend Al, when are you going to dance again on your show? I loved it. I can't wait."

Rev's response:

"Donna, that's a great question. You must have been watching last December when [I danced to James Brown.] Now I'm not going to do that too often, but I noticed that every once in a while, Saturday Night Live does these little skits on me [with] Kenan [Thompson]. Write Kenan and say 'Why don't you try to and cut a step like Reverend Al?' I want to see if Kenan can move like I move, since he tries to crack jokes on me. What's wrong Kenan, afraid you need to work off a few pounds first?"

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