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Kamala: Next in Line

Introducing Kamala: Next in Line

Joe Reid: With days to go before the Democratic National Convention, Joe Biden sat down at his desk to make a crucial phone call.

Kamala Harris: Hi. Hi. Sorry to keep you.

Joe Biden: That's all right.

Reid: All summer, Biden had been wrestling with a major decision. Now, finally, he'd made up his mind.

Biden: You ready to go to work?

Harris: I'm so ready to go to work.

Lester Holt: NBC News has confirmed that Biden has picked California Senator, Kamala Harris to be his running mate.

Reid: But who is Kamala Harris?

Shelley Young-Thompkins: Here's this California girl. Absolutely beautiful, stunning, tenacious.

Rebecca Prozan: Honestly, at the time, I did not see that she was going to be an Attorney General, a Senator, a Vice presidential Nominee. Did I think she had the talent and the chops to be all those things? Absolutely.

Gary Delagnes: She, like, pushes me in the chest. No kidding. And she says, you better get on board. And I said, well, who are you?

Reid: From MSNBC and Wondery comes a new series about the making of Kamala Harris.

Prozan: Our politicians trained in some of the most intense bare-knuckle fighting circumstances. Bar none of any city in the country.

Reid: From highs.

Harris: I stand before you today to announce my candidacy for president.

Reid: To lows.

Delagnes: I said something to her like, thank you for the setup. You screwed me. Thanks.

Prozan: So we sit down in the office and she's like, I'm at six percent. And I was like, well, what am I supposed to do with that?

Reid: To next in line.

Reid: I'm Joy Reid. Kamala: Next in Line premieres on October 5th on Apple podcasts, Spotify, or you can listen ad-free on the Wondery app, with Wondery Plus.