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Transcript: Introducing: Into America

The full episode transcript for Introducing: Into America.
Trymaine Lee
Trymaine Lee.Christopher Dilts / for NBC News/MSNBC


Into America

Introducing: Into America

Recording: The roller coaster is not any easier to stomach now than it was two years ago.

Recording: We're here for them. We're part of them. We are the community.

Recording: We work hard. We bleed. We sweat. We cry when it comes to these cars.

Trymaine Lee: This is Into America, a new podcast from NBC News and MSNBC.

Recording: He's doing the best we can for the country and they're getting in the way.

Recording: It's make America feel safe again.

Recording: Because we're incarcerated does mean that we should lose our right to vote.

Lee: It's a show about politics, about policy and about the power that both have in shaping the lives of the American people. It's hosted by me, Trymaine Lee, and it features the journalists from across our organization. As an MSNBC correspondent and former print reporter, I've spent the better part of 15 years covering every corner of this country. From the streets of Chicago and New Orleans to the heartland of the Midwest, I've told the stories of everyday Americans.

Recording: It's definitely good to hear you always want to hear that the wages are going up.

Recording: I'd rather somebody new that I don't know come me. I don't care what he says. He's not getting my vote.

Lee: These voices matter in a critical election year like 2020. But they also matter after the election is over. So each week, we'll shed light on the candidates and their campaigns and we'll connect the dots between policies and the lives of people across the political spectrum. This is how America sounds. You can find Into America in your feet every Thursday. Subscribe now, wherever you get your podcasts.