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Into Joe Biden and the Women's Vote

Will the sexual assault allegation against Joe Biden hurt his chances with women voters?
Image: Biden campaign
A woman attends a meet and greet campaign event with Jill Biden (not pictured), wife of Democratic presidential hopeful Joe Biden, at the Dexter Avenue King Memorial Legacy in Montgomery, Alabama on March 2, 2020.Joshua Lott / AFP - Getty Images file

The 2020 election season was thrown a curve ball when the spread of coronavirus across the U.S intensified in March. By early April, former Vice President Joe Biden was the only candidate left standing.

Around the same time that Biden became the apparent nominee, a woman named Tara Reade alleged in a podcast interview that Biden sexually assaulted her when she was a staffer on his senate team in 1993.

Recent polling shows voters are split on whether or not they believe the allegation against Biden. When it comes to women voters, will this allegation hurt Biden’s bid for the presidency?

Host Trymaine Lee speaks with NBC News Political Reporter Ali Vitali about her original reporting on the allegation against Joe Biden, including her conversation with Reade herself. Lee and Vitali also talk to two different women about how they are processing the allegation and what it means for their vote come November.

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