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As Roe faces its biggest threat, we revisit our episode on Texas abortion access for Black Americans

According to a recently leaked document, the Supreme Court may overturn Roe v. Wade, leaving abortion matters to the states. Last fall, Into America looked at how Black Texans were being hurt by the state’s strict abortion laws.

About this episode:

According to a draft Supreme Court opinion obtained by Politico, the Supreme Court stands poised to overturn Roe v. Wade during its next session. If this happens, it’s estimated as many as 23 states will enact some type of abortion ban, some of which will go into effect almost immediately. And Black people could be hardest hit.

Black women seek abortions at a higher rate than any other group. And that, coupled with the knowledge that infant and maternal mortality rates are higher for Black people, could create a dangerous situation for Black people forced to carry pregnancies to term.

Last fall, Into America took a closer look at the disparate impact abortion restrictions would have in Texas, following the state’s passage of SB-8, which banned abortion after six weeks. In light of the news this week, we’re re-airing this episode as we consider all that’s at stake with this upcoming decision.

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