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Writer Damon Young dishes advice in new column

Writer Damon Young joins Into America to talk about his new advice column where you can ask him anything.

About this episode:

The last time writer Damon Young was on Into America was back in the summer of 2020. He spoke about his New York Times op-ed, “Yeah, Let’s Not Talk About Race––Unless You Pay Me” where he talked about the awkward and sometimes inappropriate questions he was often asked about race. Well, now he is getting paid with his new advice column, “Ask Damon,” in the Washington Post where readers can ask him anything and everything.

Damon, who is the author of the book “What Doesn’t Kill You Makes You Blacker”and a co-founder of the blog Very Smart Brothas, says he loves leaning into uncomfortable thoughts, and he’s ready to unpack the messy situations of strangers.

So this week on Into America, Damon joins Trymaine to talk about this new venture, what qualifies him to give advice, some of the worst advice he’s ever received, and what his conversations around race look like now. He and Trymaine also answer some burning questions from listeners.

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