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Into Injustice for Breonna Taylor

Six months after Breonna Taylor was killed by Louisville police, a grand jury decided no one would be held criminally responsible for her death

About this episode:

Louisville activist Hannah Drake has been fighting for Breonna Taylor since the 26-year-old’s death in March. As a speaker and author, Hannah helped elevate Breonna’s story on social media, and was part of an effort to push the city council to pass Breonna’s Law – a ban on “no-knock” warrants.

The Louisville Metro Police Department had received court approval for this type of warrant in the botched drug raid at Breonna’s apartment on the night of March 13th, meaning they could enter without warning. The orders were later changed for police to identify themselves, but according to her boyfriend, they didn’t. So he fired a shot, and when officers returned fire, they struck Taylor multiple times.

For Hannah Drake, the last six months of her life have been focused on holding individuals accountable for Taylor’s death. But this week, a grand jury announced that none of the officers involved would be charged for Breonna’s death. One officer is facing a charge of wanton endangerment for firing into neighboring apartments. Without legal justice, where does that leave activists like Hannah today?

On Into America, Hannah sits down with Trymaine Lee to talk about Breonna’s life, and how she plans to honor Breonna’s memory going forward.

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