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Into a High-Stakes VP Debate

Sonja Nichol is a staunch conservative who’s a fan of Mike Pence. She’s also a Black woman who’s proud of Kamala Harris. Here’s what she thought of the VP debate.

About this episode:

There was a little policy and a lot of politicking. There was at least a veneer of civility. There was a fly.

In perhaps the most high-stakes VP debate in history, Vice President Mike Pence and Senator Kamala Harris made their cases to the American public for their running mate.

Last night’s debate was the second most watched VP debate in history. Given that both Joe Biden and Donald Trump would the oldest presidents ever inaugurated, and that the President Trump currently has the virus, it’s no surprise that Americans tuned in to see the would-be second in commands on Wednesday night.

One of the people watching was Sonja Nichols. Sonja is an outlier in a lot of ways. She’s a Republican businessowner running for State Senate in Charlotte, North Carolina. She’s Black, and she’s a supporter of Senator Harris as a Black woman.

But she voted for President Trump in 2016, and Sonja says at the time, she was paying more attention to Mike Pence than she was to Donald Trump. Trymaine Lee sits down with her to talk about how the candidates performed and what shapes her political beliefs.

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