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The fight over race, education, and belonging in a Texas suburb

Southlake, Texas seemed like an idyllic town. Then two racist videos pulled back the curtain. Into America gets the story from a new NBC podcast.

About this episode:

Over the past few decades, families have flocked to the affluent Dallas suburb of Southlake for its top-rated school system. But beneath the manicured lawns and gleaming fountains lie something Black families call “Southlake’s dirty secret."

Less than three years ago, two videos of white Southlake teenagers saying the N-word went viral within a few months of one another. The videos prompted an outpouring of stories from Black parents and students, detailing their own experiences with racism in Southlake. For a time, it seemed like the town was united in taking action to confront the problem.

Then came 2020. As the Black Lives Matter movement picked up steam, so did the backlash. And that backlash threatened to take over the town of Southlake.

This story — and what comes next — is the subject of a new podcast from NBC News called “Southlake.” On this episode of Into America, Trymaine Lee talks with Southlake co-hosts Antonia Hylton and Mike Hixenbaugh about how a group of parents and students tried to confront racism in their schools; but instead, got steamrolled by their own community.

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