Could Black Men Help Flip Florida?

Local Black elected officials in Florida are leading a movement to help Black men rediscover the power of their vote.

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In order to win the election in less than a week, Joe Biden and the Democratic Party need to do what Barack Obama did 12 years ago: expand the electorate. In 2008, 12 percent voters were people who hadn’t previously been participating, and 19 percent of all Black voters were new to the polls. But in 2016, many of them, including Black men, stayed home. Now, a grassroots effort is building to re-engage these men.

Into America heads to the swing state of Florida, where local Black elected officials are leading the effort to reach out to Black men. Trymaine Lee talks with a Miami native, Maurice Hanks, about his ups and downs with political participation over the years. And we hear from Florida State Senator Randolph Bracy, who is using unconventional methods to prove to Black men that their votes have power.

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