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Biden's first 100 days are up. How do Black voters rate him so far?

President Biden said he would have the backs of Black voters. On the latest episode of Into America, has Biden kept his promise, 100 days into his first term?

About this episode:

President Joe Biden spent his first 100 days in office passing the $1.9 trillion coronavirus relief bill, rolling back executive orders signed by former President Donald Trump, and ramping up a massive vaccination program resulting in 140 million Americans who have at least one dose of the vaccine. His approval ratings are generally high, around 53% according to a new NBC poll. Among Black Americans, it’s much higher, a whopping 83%.

But alongside those numbers is a promise Joe Biden made back in November, during his victory speech. He said to Black Americans, “You always had my back, I’ll have yours.” Has he kept that promise?

Trymaine Lee goes to Milwaukee, Wisconsin, a state that barely flipped back to blue in 2020, and a city where Black turnout actually dropped in some neighborhoods, to ask Black voters there if they believe Biden has done enough for them in his first 100 days.

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