'HEADLINERS: Pope Francis' airs Sunday, April 1 on MSNBC

Headliners: Pope Francis
Headliners: Pope Francis

MSNBC’s HEADLINERS series highlights public figures at the forefront of our national dialogue and at the center of today’s news. On Sunday, April 1, MSNBC will air HEADLINERS: Pope Francis, a special hour offering an in-depth look at the life of the leader of the Catholic Church.

Born into a working class family in Buenos Aires, Pope Francis has remained true to his roots bringing the church to the people. He is an advocate for an array of global issues, guiding an institution steeped in history using tools of the modern world.

With commentary from Vatican insiders, papal historians, international journalists, NBC News anchors, President Trump’s evangelical advisor, and more, HEADLINERS: Pope Francis will examine the impact of this revolutionary and at times controversial spiritual leader.

Watch Sunday, April 1 at 9PM Eastern on MSNBC.