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The Morning Now: 7/05/13 Live from #ESSENCEfest

Putting the finishing touches on msnbc's Studio Square tower.
Putting the finishing touches on msnbc's Studio Square tower.


Guess who's back! Alex will be broadcasting LIVE from the Essence Festival in New Orleans! Watch her show live from the Big Easy at noon,  and you can even bring her a beignet Saturday at the @msnbc booth, from 3:30 ET/ 2:30 CT! This is as good as it gets, people! Joining her today:




Melissa Harris Perry, msnbc Host, "Melissa Harris Perry" (@mharrisperry)


Marc Morial, President and CEO, National Urban League (@MARCMORIAL)


Julianne Malveaux, Economist, Author (@drjlastword)


Vanessa Bush, Acting Managing Editor, Essence (@Vanessa_KBush)


Julia Reed, Newsweek contributor


Rev. Al Sharpton, Host, msnbc's Politics Nation; National Action Network President (@TheRevAl)




First up, a dramatic day of testimony in the Trayvon Martin case, as his mother and his brother are called to the stand. Where do things stand as day 9 of testimony wraps up?




Then on to Egypt, where Mohamed Morsi has called on his supporters to protect his elected "legitimacy" with a "day of resistance".  Demonstrations by  supporters of the deposed Muslim Brotherhood have turned violent, with reports of at least 3 shot dead by Egyptian security forces. Was the coup a setback or a gain for democracy in the region? Alex will have all the latest in this rapidly developing situation.




Next, a look at the immigration debate beyond the Hispanic community. As the House drags its feet on taking up the bipartisan Senate immigration reform bill, millions of undocumented immigrants remain in limbo. In the July issue of Essence Magazine, one of America's often overlooked 400,000 black undocumented immigrants tells her story. She writes:



I’m grateful for Latinos who have passionately fought for immigration rights, but the media's constant focus on borders and speaking English makes immigration reform is just about Latinos. I'm saying, what about us? I've spent the better part of my adult life here. Most of my contributions to this world have been to this country. I just want people to realize that Black immigrants from Africa and the Caribbean have lots to offer this country, too.”

What are the chances of a bill actually passing the House? How can the GOP claim to be the party of small business and fiscal responsibility while opposing a measure that is widely believed to be a boost for the economy?




Finally, a look at New Orleans' slow road to recovery, eight years after the devastation of Hurricane Katrina.






And, time permitting, how do you think this guy is feeling today?