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NOW Today: The next four years begin today

The cover catches your eye, doesn't it?
BBW Cover46 ObamaElctnIssue 11.12.12
BBW Cover46 ObamaElctnIssue 11.12.12

The cover catches your eye, doesn't it?

This week's Bloomberg Businessweek has a provocative look at the next four years (the editors also made a cover showing how Governor Romney might look after a term in the Oval Office - we'll show it to you at noon ET). Josh Green has the cover story, and writes that "the political dynamic of the next four years will be almost exactly the opposite of the last four." He argues that Democrats find themselves in a unique position of strength after Tuesday's election, and that their leverage comes at the expense of the GOP.

The first test of Green's theory is already underway, as negotiations are expected to begin to avert the so-called fiscal cliff, which is set to take effect if Congress fails to act on a series of tax and spending issues before January 1. Today at 1 p.m. ET, the president speaks from the East Room of the White House, commenting for the first time since the election on the economy and the budget. That follows Speaker John Boehner's remarks Wednesday, which many believe signaled a new tone and approach to the nation's debt talks.

Is there actually a chance of bipartisan cooperation in Washington? We'll preview the president's speech and look at all the options after a truly historic week. See you then.


Kurt Andersen, Author, “True Believers” (@kbandersen)

Jeff Mason, White House Correspondent, Reuters (@jeffmason1)

Lynn Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief, Chicago Sun-Times (@lynnsweet)

McKay Coppins, BuzzFeed (@mckaycoppins)


Josh Green, Sr. National Correspondent, Bloomberg Businessweek (@joshuagreen)