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Happy Monday

Welcome back from your weekends!

Welcome back from your weekends! In what we thought would be a slow week leading up to the holiday, there's a lot of news out there to talk about:

  • With 2 weeks to go, Mitt-mentum is growing and is it too early to say that Newt's campaign is on the decline? A number of polls have Gingrich dropping to third place... Ron Paul in first. It's a race for the top 3 -- but it's also a race for the bottom 3 still in it. The main takeaway? No one knows what's going to happen until the first votes are cast.
  • Speaking of people having no clue... Congress is still debating the payroll tax cut. In what seemed like a done-deal, the 2-month extension agreed to on Saturday, is apparently no longer good enough for House Republicans. They're expected to vote on this tonight and it looks like it will fail. Which means the GOP's gift to all of you - appears to be a tax increase. Happy Holidays!
  • And breaking news overseas - what the death of North Korea's "dear leader" means around the world?  

Helping to talk about it all is Martin Bashir and Dylan Ratigan, who have been dubbed TV's "Odd Couple."Here's a little teaser of why: