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Hip-hop legend Method Man on Ferguson and police tensions

Method Man shares his thoughts with Tamron Hall about police tensions and the situation in Ferguson where two police officers were shot during a rally.

Hip-hop legend and Wu-Tang clan member, Method Man made headlines when he spoke out during the aftermath of Eric Garner's death in his hometown of Staten Island, New York. Now, he's speaking out about the ongoing unrest and police tensions in Ferguson, Missouri following the resignation of Police Chief Thomas Jackson and the shooting of two police officers during a rally early Thursday morning. 

During his conversation with Tamron Hall, Method Man talks about the officer involved death of his friend Ernest Sayon and recalls his own encounters with police growing up saying, "being a youth in the hood, I would be harassed. Illegal searches - the works." But he also acknowledges that "there are great cops out there" that "go above and beyond the call of duty."

Although relations between communities and those in authority have improved throughout the years, there is still an adversarial relationship between some police officers and some in minority communities - black and brown specifically. Method Man says "a lot of that has to do with the communication barriers," and suggests that "there should be some type of forum for both sides to speak to each other, so there can be some type of understanding.” 

"It's all about fear... An [officer] is still a human being and when that fear kicks in, you never know what can happen. "'

At the end of the day, why are relationships with the police so strained and why are tensions so high? Method Man suggests that "it's all about fear" on both sides. The community he said are "afraid of the police, what they can do and the power that they've willed." On the other hand, police officers are "just as frightened as [we are], but [have] guns."  He points out however, that when it comes down to human nature, we must keep in mind an officer is "still a human being" and "when that fear kicks in, you never know what can happen." 

The recent events in Ferguson compelled Method Man to share his thoughts on police tensions, but he was originally scheduled to talk with Tamron Hall about his new movie, "The Cobbler" with Adam Sandler. The comedy follows the life of a New York shoe repair man who stumbles upon a magical heirloom that allows him to step into the lives of his customers and see the world in a new way. "The Cobbler" hits theaters and video on demand Friday, March 13th. Check out the trailer here.