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Born in the USA: Lady Brigade

Women make up 15% of the military, but there aren't many clothing options for them to display their pride and patriotism. Lady Brigade changed that.

The United States military has the largest amount of women service members in history, but women still only make up 15% of armed forces. This struck a chord with Iraq war veteran, Nadine Noky who served as a Radar Technician from 2002-2007 in the US Army. After returning home from service, she was surprised to find that there aren’t many stylish clothing options for female veterans to show their military pride.

That was a turning point for Nadine who also has a career in graphic design and advertising. She took matters into her own hands and began making "Lady Brigade," a line of women veterans clothing. 

"I noticed there weren't any women in the traditional men veterans organization and I wanted to find a way to connect with them."'

These cute and trendy threads boast positive messages like, "she served her country," "I do all of my own stunts," and "any girl can wear heels but it takes a woman to wear combat boots." 

At just a year old, "Lady Brigade" has become an inspiration and big hit with female veterans across the country. That is why we're highlighting the company in our 'Born In The USA' series.  For more information on "Lady Brigade" visit their website.