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Your take: Ray Rice and domestic violence members have been outspoken on the Ray Rice scandal. See some of the responses from members of the msnbc community.

As the Ray Rice scandal has unfolded, many community members have been outspoken about the steps that should be taken against the former Baltimore Ravens running back, and the NFL for failing to act sooner. While all eyes have been on Rice, his wife Janay Palmer, and the league, this highly publicized media blitz has opened up a larger discussion about the culture of violence in sports and the wider need to address domestic violence.

Take a look at reactions from the community. 

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"Roger Goodell should resign. He's gotten every single big decision in his tenure wrong, none worse than this. Everyone knew that this video existed, and now it's come out the first Monday of the season. It has the potential to haunt the league for decades."'

"Everything is about Ray Rice and not about his wife. After listening to her comments I believe that we need to respect her wishes to some degree. It seems she is getting it from all end without any consideration for her feelings or well being."'

"The NFL is one of those sponsor driven organizations. It's all about PR. There is no real concern for either the victim, the aggressor, the team, or even the fans. This is all about money."'

"Domestic violence is extremely complex ... It's completely unreasonable and unfair to question a woman's decisions or decision-making process in a situation like that not knowing the dynamics of her mental and emotional state after having been abused. "'

"I don't know if his wealth had anything to do with it. I am familiar with many poor and middle class women who have been and many still are in abusive relationships. It has to do with so many factors including the way a woman views herself and her sense of self worth. Sad situation. It took too long for the NFL to take action. This man is a criminal, not a hero. Kids look up to these players."'

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"What a refreshing change to see an athlete held responsible for his own behavior! For so many decades athletes have been allowed to forego the consequences of their illegal and antisocial behavior."'

"Hats off to the Ravens for their decision to remove this guy from their payroll. There needs to be some major consequences for this type of behavior. Sad thing is, there are a lot of other players who act in the same way who will just see to it that they are a little more private when they act out like this."'

"It would be helpful if DV abusers got locked up for a long time and had to register like sex offenders."'

"In Florida my choices were to stay with the abuser or become homeless. I ended up homeless."'

"The problem with domestic violence is that at a very core level of society, it is dismissed. Our legal system will reduce the level of punishment for a domestic situation as opposed to one between acquaintances or strangers. Why is there a separate category for domestic in our legal structure. Violence is violence and should all be treated as such …"'