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Your hopes for the future

Growing Hope is msnbc's invitation to Americans to share their hopes for change around issues that impact our communities.

Growing Hope is msnbc’s invitation to Americans to share their hopes for change around issues that impact our communities. 

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"[I hope] for everyone of all sexual orientations to be seen as beautiful and accepted in this world and in this lifetime."'

"I hope that one day women across the world have access to the same education I have, regardless of where they were born."'

"I hope governments around the world stop spending trillions on military equipment and work towards providing free medicine, food and shelter."'

"I hope that there are more options for F-1 visa international students. Coming from a third world country, students want to be more hands on."'

"I hope that gun control becomes a serious topic, not a fringe issue only discussed when there is a tragedy."'

"I hope that corporation[s] will be held to a level of personal accountability equal to that of a normal citizen."'

We invite you to join the Growing Hope conversation. Click here to share your hope regarding an issue that matters to you. Become part of a vibrant new community of voices helping to shape the conversation and inspire change.