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Yelp reviewers sound off on Memories Pizza's religious freedom views

The Yelp page for Memories Pizza has become the latest hotbed of political debate for Indiana's controversial religious freedom law.
An employee spreads cheese on a pizza. (Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty)
An employee spreads cheese on a pizza.

The Yelp page for Memories Pizza has become the latest hotbed of political debate for Indiana's controversial religious freedom law.  

It was hit with a storm of reviewers mostly lambasting the restaurant for its decision not to cater gay weddings, in line with Indiana's religious freedom law. Users from across the country posted a mix of obscene images, rebuttals, support, and critiques for the restaurant's discriminatory practices.

Even though the pizzeria closed due to threats, their Gofundme page, created by Lawrence Billy Jones III of the conservative site The Blaze, has raised $142,004 in the last 18 hours. 

Take a look at a handful of the reviews, selected from over 900 posted, that have yet to be removed from Yelp:

Unknown: Jesus dined with thieves and hookers. You really think He’s gonna worry if gay people eat your pizza?

Ryan R.: I have encountered many regrettable eateries in my day, and this "pizza" place is one of the worst. Would rather boil and eat my nephew's soccer socks than eat at this awful place. 

Neal B.: Your pizzas could be made from gold dust crust and unicorn sausage, and it would still make you the dumbest business owner in Indiana.

Thomas M. I had the Charles Nelson Reilly pizza & the Greg Louganis salad & it was delicious. The Ellen Degeneres Egg Salad was also quite tasty. They get one star because the owners made me take off my velvet jumpsuit and quit sprinkling my partner with fairy dust.

Howard H.: What about people who order a gluttonous amount of pizza? Gluttony is a sin that you should never, ever support by providing the material for gluttony. 

Centurion M.: Food was ok, and the staff was decent. I was confused as to why they offered sausage, beef, bacon and pepperoni as toppings; as the Bible explicitly forbids it (Exodus 23:19, Exodus 34:26 and Deuteronomy 14:21), but I should expect hypocrisy from a business like this.

Camilla D.: Speaking for all LGBTQ+ people in here, I report that this pizza tastes like homophobia, topped with bigotry and ignorance, with a faint dash of prejudice.

George B.: Whose wedding would Jesus refuse to cater?

Richard T.: I hope they also will not serve those who wear mixed fabrics and those who have divorced or have had sex before marriage. If so, they can have my support.

Deborah R.: Hope you're happy with your decision not to serve pizza at all those gay weddings. Now you're the face of bigotry. Jesus would be so proud.

J G.: 50 years ago, substitute the word "gay" for "black."

Logan F.: The food taste like hate!

Buck M.: Poor service for homosexuals is poor service for all.

Charlie B.: What self-respecting gay couple would ever order pizza for their wedding? Wings maybe but definitely not pizza.

Mark R. I asked them to put this biblical passage outlawing tattoos on a pizza (written in pepperonis): King James Bible: Leviticus 19:28 Ye shall not make any cuttings in your flesh for the dead, nor print any marks upon you: I am the LORD

William C.: So much for my pizza-themed gay wedding. Tacos and sombreros it is. Thank god I live in Massachusetts!

Jacob S.: Pizza wasn't gay enough.

Nico S.: As a non-practicing pastafarian, I am appalled by the lack of meatballs at this establishment.

Ariel L.: You should come to New York, where the pizza is better and people won't discriminate you for "choosing to be straight".

Anthony C.: Dear Mr O'Connor, I've developed a prototype gaydar device. I'm offering it free for beta testers. Would you be interested?

Outnumbered by the critics, these people are still supporters of Memories Pizza: 

American P. They are not anti-gay - they are anti-gay wedding. Big difference. Would you expect them to cater a Tommy and His Mommy wedding? No.

Jen K.: As long as Muslim and Jewish store owners aren't forced to cater bacon burgers to weddings, this business is fine with me.

Carey S.: Just keep the faith. Remember there are tens of millions that support you. The fascism of these low life minority kooks is amazing to behold but they will be defeated. It's really a shame you have to even endure this crap in the United States today. But change is coming.

Clinton B. Awesome job on the pizza and do not bow to the pressure of political terrorists.

N. F.: No one deserves to face economic guerrilla warfare for expressing their beliefs.

Cody T.: Stopped here to grab a quick bite when I was on the road for work.  Little mom and pop place with good pizza. The only downside was that they serve Pepsi products.  I cannot live with out my silver cylinder of joy, (diet coke).

Greg J.: You have a right to refuse to participate in anything that goes against your religious beliefs or secular tastes. I'm sure you wouldn't cater a KKK luncheon either.

Reviews were edited for clarity.