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College Students In Between Class
College Students In Between Class

Welcome to Women in Politics: College Edition, where promising women leaders in student government on college and university campuses across the country will be featured on msnbc.com over the course of the year. Alexandra Curtis has been nominated by Syracuse University as a leader making a difference not only through key issues on campus, but in bridging the gender gap in politics.

As part of a new series at msnbc, “Women of 2014,” these hand-selected women become part of a larger discussion of women candidates and women’s issues on a national level. “Women of 2014” is a home for all women in politics – notably those in some of the year’s most pivotal races -- with newsmaker interviews, profiles, photos, a Twitter trail following more than 35 candidates, and deep dives into the key conversations.

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Name: Alexandra Curtis

School: Syracuse University

Hometown: East Greenwich, Rhode Island

Concentration: Political science / public relations

Class year : 2014

Dream job: To become the first female governor of Rhode Island


What is your biggest challenge as a  leader on campus?

College really is a microcosm of the real world. You begin to see those who are incredibly passionate and active members of the community, but you also recognize how rampant apathy can be. As a leader on campus, it is always a challenge to engage those who are apathetic. However, such challenges give leaders experience in effective messaging and learning how to connect with a variety of people.

Which female leaders do you draw inspiration from?

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand is one of my biggest inspirations as an avid advocate for women in Washington. It's powerful to see a senator who has been able to find common ground with other women in the Senate despite party affiliation. Her initiative, Off The Sidelines, is one of the first movements that really spoke to me as a college woman with political ambitions.

What would you call the most important moment in history for women?

The advent of women’s suffrage in the United States is one of many profound moments in our history, and it is certainly one of my favorites. It has enabled many women to make positive contributions in our society and it stands as an exemplarily case of a movement toward equality.

What do you think should be President Obama's No. 1 priority?

President Obama must focus on full economic recovery and policy focused on job creation.

If you had to pick just one Netflix movie category...

I initially subscribed to Netflix for the documentaries. I am a huge fan of the political and technology sections!

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