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Women in Politics: College Edition -- Meredith College

Welcome to Women in Politics: College Edition, where women leaders in student government across the country are featured on

Welcome to Women in Politics: College Edition, where promising women leaders in student government on college and university campuses across the country will be featured on over the course of the year. AnnMichelle Roberts has been nominated to represent Meredith College as a leader making a difference not only through key issues on campus, but in bridging the gender gap in politics.

As part of msnbc's “Women in Politics”  series, these hand-selected women become part of a larger discussion of women candidates and women’s issues on a national level. “Women in Politics” features newsmaker interviews, profiles, photos, and deep dives into the key conversations.

Name: AnnMichelle Roberts

School: Meredith College 

Hometown: Raleigh, NC

Concentration: Political Science with a concentration in Law and Justice and Criminology

Role in Student Government: Student Government Association President, White Iris Circle Tour Guide -Vice President, Alpha Kappa Delta- Sociology Honors Society President, Lambda Pi Eta - Communication Honors Society Vice President 

Dream job: Lobbyist in D.C.

Class year: 2015


What is your biggest challenge as a leader on campus?

As a student leader there are many challenges that occur throughout each year. One of the biggest challenges occurred during my junior year when I felt that I was not being valued by my superior. I worked very hard in every task that I was given but would receive negative feedback. Instead of letting the feedback pull my self-esteem down, I worked three times as hard to succeed. After making it through that stress filled year I knew that I was ready to run for a different position. I am now the Student Government association President at Meredith College, and I am confident that I will be able to withstand any challenge that comes my way. 

Which female leaders do you draw inspiration from?

I have drawn inspiration from Hillary Clinton from a very young age. She is the epitome of how strong women should look and act. She has set standards for women in politics and done things that no other women in her position has done before. She was the first “first lady” to run for public office and win. She became the first female elected senator for New York. She was also the Secretary of the State under Obama’s administration. She has been an advocate for women all over the world. She understands the importance of leading and knowing when to step back and allow someone else to take charge. A woman who is not afraid to stand up for what she believes in is a woman I can draw inspiration from. Hillary Clinton makes being a strong woman leader look easy.

What comes to mind first when you think about important moments in history?

The first thing that comes to mind when I think about important moments in history is the 14th amendment. My favorite part in the amendment is the part that means the most to me; “no state has the right to deny any person equal protection of the law." No matter your skin tone, your gender, or your economical background, Americans have a law that protects their rights.

This amendment has allowed me the opportunity to go to the college of my dream without discrimination.  

What do you think should be President Obama’s No. 1 priority?

President Obama has been a wonderful president thus far but I do believe his number one priority should be equal pay for women. Women have suffered so much throughout history and it is important that women are treated as valued members of society. There should be a serious look into the gender wage gap in America.

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