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Will Ferrell returns to 'SNL' as George W. Bush, mocks GOP candidates

Will Farrell brought back his George W. Bush impression on "Saturday Night Live" last night to announce his entrance into the 2016 race.
Will Ferrell returns to SNL for a sketch in which he plays George W. Bush, Dec. 12, 2015. (Screen grab courtesy of NBC)
Will Ferrell returns to SNL for a sketch in which he plays George W. Bush, Dec. 12, 2015. 

Comedian Will Ferrell returned to "Saturday Night Live" with his George W. Bush impression and plenty of jabs at the Republican presidential pool.

Ferrell, impersonating the 43rd president, announced that he would be joining the 2016 presidential race.

“The field of Republicans out there is so messed up, I figured, it makes you miss me, doesn’t it?” he asked. “And that’s saying a lot.”

He proceeded to make jokes about the GOP front-runners, including Ben Carson, Ted Cruz, Marco Rubio, Donald Trump -- and even his brother, Jeb.

He referred to Trump as a “knucklehead,” laughing hysterically at a picture of Trump.

“Whenever I get in a bad mood I just picture his big fat orange Oompa Loompa face and I just piss my pants,” Ferrell joked.

But his critiques were on more than appearance. Ferrell said Trump’s call to ban Muslims is “impossible to implement and not what this country’s about.”

“That’s like saying ‘keep all the Leprechauns out,’” he said. “We tried tiny Leprechaun internment camps in the late 1920’s, and as you all know, it totally backfired. Leprechaun relations have never recovered since.”

He also mocked Cruz and Rubio’s positions on immigration.

“These two guys, the sons of immigrants, hate immigrants,” he said. “I for one, like them Mexican people. They are my amigos. Tex Mex is my favorite kind of food.”

On Jeb Bush, Ferrell joked that he wished Jeb would have asked him about putting an exclamation point at the end of his name in his campaign logo.

“Look I don’t like the taste of broccoli, but it doesn’t get any tastier if you call it ‘Broccoli!,’” he said.

Farrell concluded the skit by comparing being president to driving a school bus.

“You don’t want a crazy person driving that bus,” he said. “You want a simple, underachieving, not very educated, but reliable guy behind that wheel. Someone with a steady hand who will be on time and get into one or two, but no more than four accidents a year.”

“That someone is me,” he said.