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Welcome to Know Your Value: a nationwide effort to empower women

Welcome to Know Your Value: a nationwide effort focused on empowering all of us to express our worth in business and in life.

Welcome to Know Your Value: a nationwide effort focused on empowering all of us to express our worth in business and in life. I've partnered with NBCUniversal to bring our Know Your Value message to women all across the country, starting with live events in five major cities.

The events — planned for Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., Chicago, Boston and Orlando — will tackle everything from negotiating your worth in the workplace to personal finance, health, and wellness.  

This site is going to be an ever changing, constantly updating resource for all women who want to tap into what we believe will be a movement. Women are fierce when it comes to protecting, defending, and augmenting the success of others—their spouses, their children, their bosses…anyone who isn’t actually themselves! When it comes to knowing our own value, we tend to shut down or worse we self-deprecate and apologize our way through the conversation. This message is personal for me. It took me 25 years to understand that I played a role in quantifying my success. For too many years, I let others do the talking and made the same mistakes time and time again.  In order to stop self-effacing our way through negotiations, we actually have to look at why our instincts are undermining our own success. Over the past fives years, I have been studying and writing about this in my books including Knowing Your Value as well as my upcoming book Grow Your Value. I have drawn from the most important voices on this topic. Through all of this, I’ve made significant changes in my own life as well which I look forward to sharing with all of you. Here, on this site, and throughout these events, we will provide tangible, relatable advice that will support all women – at all ages and stages of their careers and their lives. We are going to be bringing the best voices out there to help women not only know their value, but communicate it effectively. The message is not just about money; the know your value message is about relationships. You can’t have a successful one at work or at home or anywhere unless you fully understand the scope of your value in real time. We see this as a different kind of national movement that provides tips, training and resources that feel realistic and applicable for working women in their everyday lives. And we’re thrilled to team up with a group of diverse companies who share our mission in bringing this conversation to women in their communities. It has taken me a long time to know and grow my value – and I know I’m far from alone. I invite all of you to attend a conference, join in this conversation, and share your personal story. Stay tuned for some exciting announcements about how to get involved…