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Tucson Mayor on latest coronavirus spike and police reform following the death of a Latino man in police custody


Arizona is a state that is quickly becoming a hot spot for coronavirus. In Maricopa County, officials say more than one-third of all cases have been confirmed in the past week alone, and their total cases have exceeded 40,000. That is partly why the Trump campaign announced this weekend that they were postponing Vice President Mike Pence's planned rally in Tucson this week. Also in Tucson, there is an increased push for police reform after body cam footage from April of Carlos Ingram-Lopez’s death while in police custody recently became public this week. The 27-year-old father died in Tucson in late April after being restrained by police officers for about 12 minutes. In the wake of that incident, the three officers involved have resigned from the department and the Chief of Police has offered to step down as well. Tucson Mayor Regina Romero joins MSNBC’s Alicia Menendez to discuss.