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DOJ moves to deny judiciary committee information on impeachment


MSNBC’s Morgan Radford discusses the DOJ’s decision not to give the House Judiciary Committee unreleased information from the Mueller Report with Lynn Sweet, Washington Bureau Chief for the Chicago Sun-Times, Joyce Vance, a Former U.S. Attorney and Law professor at the University of Alabama, and Former Republican Congressman from Florida, David Jolly. The trio weigh in on whether or not the DOJ was right to deny the Judiciary Committee access to the crucial information, as they decide whether or not to recommend articles of impeachment. Some Democrats have been unclear on whether or not to call their investigation an “impeachment inquiry,” and as a result, a DOJ court filing argues that the House should be denied the access they are seeking. Vance and Sweet believe that the wording shouldn’t matter, with Sweet saying “It isn’t important what you call it.” Vance added that “this is just nonsense from the Republicans.” Jolly disagreed, stating that the DOJ is “exposing the confusion in the house.” Jolly suggested that House leaders call for a full vote on whether or not to start an official impeachment inquiry, in order to clear up confusion and get around the DOJ filing.