Bernie Sanders unveils new criminal justice plan to mixed reviews


MSNBC’s Richard Lui discusses Bernie Sanders’ new criminal justice reform plan with NBC News Road Warrior Shaquille Brewster, Wall Street Journal national politics reporter Joshua Jamerson, Democratic strategist Emily Tisch Sussman, and Republican political consultant Shermichael Singleton. In addition to discussing several candidates’ rising unfavorable numbers, the panel analyzes Sanders’ new proposal, which would include ending for-profit prisons and ending mass incarceration. “The fact that he’s coming out with it this late, I think does say something about how he’s just trying to go after African American voters in South Carolina,” Tisch Sussman said. Brewster, who was live at Sanders’ event in South Carolina, said the Vermont Senator is trying to address what he sees as “systemic” problems with the criminal justice system with his extensive new reform plan.