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Susan Del Percio: Joe Biden looking like he’s “not ready for prime time”


MSNBC’s Richard Lui talks 2020 with NBC News Road Warriors Amanda Golden, Gary Grumbach, and Deepa Shivaram, as well as political strategists Susan Del Percio and Basil Smikle. In addition to discussing Bernie Sanders’ new plan to forgive $81 Billion in overdue medical debt, the panelists weigh in on Joe Biden’s recent slip-ups, and if they think it will cost him in the third Democratic debate. Del Percio feels Biden appears weak, stating, “It’s not just the gaffes, it’s the debate performances.” Basil Smikle added that he may have some trouble being on stage with all of the other big players, but that his mistakes are “not having any material effect on him in the polling,” as of right now. In addition to speaking about Biden, the panel talks about some of the lower polling candidates, and how they can get momentum back on their side.