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WATCH: Rep. John Conyers delivers Spanish argument at hearing on GOP's English-only bill


Rep. John Conyers has a message for Republicans who want to make English America's "official" language: No way, Jose.

The Michigan Democrat not only assailed Rep. Steve King's proposal on Thursday—but he did so in Spanish, during his opening statement at a House subcommittee hearing.

“Today, immigrants from Asia or Latin America are the targets of demonization and discrimination," Conyers said in slightly awkward Spanish (translation by Univision).  "One day, our nation will look back on this period with shame and regret."

Under King's plan—which has no chance of becoming law while Democrats control the Senate and the White House—English would become the nation's official language, and lawmakers would be banned from "officially" conversing in any language other than English.

King argued that Conyers' Spanish remarks merely showed the need for this legislation.

“I was gonna start out with a Tower of Babel discussion, but I think I’ll pass on that," King said."Mr. Conyers has perhaps made my point for me."

PoliticsNation host Al Sharpton said King's proposal is just the latest example of Republicans finding ways to avoid passing a jobs bill.

Republicans, Sharpton argued, don't want to pass a jobs bill, an infrastructure bill, or help teachers and first responders, as such legislation would also make President Obama look good. He dubbed the strategy GOPWOT—"GOP Wasting Our Time."Democratic New York Congressman Joe Crowley agreed.

Republicans will "stop at nothing to make it appear the president isn't doing his job," Crowley said. "They're not passing any meaningful legislation to give to the president to sign into law."