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Want to be VP, Tim Pawlenty? You'll have to tell Mitt about your sex life first

The veeptstakes are sexier than you think...

The veeptstakes are sexier than you think... literally.

Candidates being vetted for vice presidents must answer "lots of questions" about their sex lives, GQ magazine's Jason Zengerle told Hardball's Chris Matthews on Wednesday night.

The reporter recently met with Ted Frank, a Capitol Hill attorney who helped vet potential running mates for the John McCain GOP ticket.

For example, Zengerle said, candidates should be ready to answer "Have you ever paid for sex? Have you ever been accused of sexual harassment? Are there any sex tapes? Have you ever had a homosexuality encounter?" 

In the GQ piece, Zengerle calls the vetting the "most invasive process in politics," including long questionnaires asking about personal finances, drug use, and church attendance. 

Susan Page, USA Today's Washington, D.C., bureau chief who has covered scores of elections said the vetting has become a lot more detailed, especially on subjects like employment of household workers.

The personal relationship, she said was critical, pointing to rumored VP candidates former Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty and Ohio Sen. Rob Portman who are "people that Mitt Romney seems to trust."

The vetting is crucial, she added, pointing to the choice of Sarah Palin in 2008. "In the end it didn't' reflect well on John McCain's decision-making process and that hurt him with some voters."