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US designates 12 backers of terrorist organizations

The official designation gives the U.S. the green light to freeze any assets under American jurisdiction belonging to those named.

The U.S. Department of Treasury designated 11 individuals and one entity as supporters of terrorism Wednesday as America and coalition forces continue airstrikes on targets connected to the extremist  group known as the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria.

The Treasury said the 12 named have worked with a range of terrorist organizations -- including ISIS, al-Nusrah Front, al-Qaida and Jemaah Islamiya -- to “send financial and material support and foreign terrorist fighters to Syria and elsewhere.”

The official designation gives the U.S. the green light to freeze any assets under American jurisdiction belonging to those named. It also bans all financial and commercial transactions by any American with the designees.

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David S. Cohen, the Treasury Department’s under secretary for terrorism and financial intelligence, said the designations “affirm the commitment of the United States and our partners to degrade and destroy terrorist access to financing."

The 12, according to the Department of Treasury, include:

1. Tarkhan Tayumurazovich Batirashvili – a Syrian-based Georgian who has held a number of top military positions with ISIS and has led a number of attacks.

2. Tariq Bin-Al-Tahar Bin Al Falih Al-'Awni Al-Harzi – an ISIS official in Syria who has raised funds and recruited and facilitated the travel of fighters. He is reportedly one of the first terrorists to join ISIS.

3. 'Abd al-Aziz Aday Zimin al-Fadhil – A Kuwait-based facilitator who has provided financial services to al-Nusrah Front.

4. Ashraf Muhammad Yusuf 'Uthman 'Abd al-Salam – A Syrian fighter who has provided financial and technological support to several terrorist organizations.

5. Umar al-Qatari – a Jordanian who has provided financial, material and technological support to al-Nusrah Front and al-Qaida.

6. Fatih Hasar – a facilitator in Turkey who has provided financial services in support of al-Qaida. He has also transferred money to extremists in Afghanistan and Pakistan.

 7. Hamad Awad Dahi Sarhan al-Shammari – a facilitator in Kuwait who has provided financial services to al-Qaida. He has also facilitated travel for individuals wanting to join the terrorist group.

8. Ibrahim 'Isa Hajji Muhammad al-Bakr – He has provided financial, material or technological support to al-Qaida. In 2006, he played a primary role in a terrorist cell that was planning to attack U.S. military bases in Qatar. He was arrested in the early 2000s for involvement in a Jihadist network but was eventually released on the condition that he wouldn’t conduct terrorist activity in Qatar.

9. Hilal Ahmar Society Indonesia – a non-governmental organization in Indonesia that raises and uses funds to support violent acts. The grup has sent groups of terrorist fighters to Syria for military training.

10. Angga Dimas Pershada – A leader of Hilal Ahmar Society Indonesia who helped raise funds for the group.

11. Bambang Sukirno – a senior leader of Jemaah Islamiya, a U.S.- and U.N.-designated terrorist group linked to al-Qaida. He also helped raise funds for Hilal Ahmar Society Indonesia.

 12. Wiji Joko Santoso – the head of Jemaah Islamiya and is a “key player” in the group’s outreach efforts in Syria.