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Urban Outfitters in hot water for internal holiday party email

Retail giant Urban Outfitters is in hot water again — this time for an email sent to employees.
An Urban Outfitters store is seen in New York, N.Y. (Photo by Jason Kempin/Redux)
An Urban Outfitters store is seen in New York, N.Y.

International clothing store Urban Outfitters is in hot water yet again. This time though, it is not for a somewhat offensive clothing item, but rather for an internal email that the retailer sent to its employees.

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In the holiday party invitation, Urban Outfitters suggests its employees dress up in traditional clothing from other cultures, as well as some religious clothing items like turbans. While Gawker reports that last year's holiday party was "Winter White and Faux Fur" themed, this year the retailer is apparently inviting its employees to don the apparel of other cultures as nothing more than a festive costume.

This was the internal e-mail sent out to Urban Outfitters employees for their holiday party at their headquarters.

This is not the first time that the trendy clothing company has pushed boundaries. In September, they issued a public apology for selling what looked to be a bloodstained Kent State sweatshirt that unintentionally referenced the infamous 1970 shooting at the university. Also in 2012, they were sued by the Navajo Nation for selling underwear that they called the, “Navajo Hipster Panty.”

Urban Outfitters did not respond to msnbc's request for comment on the invitation.