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Dancing girls at Trump event turn wartime song into campaign ditty

What happens when you take 2016’s most bombastic rhetoric and have little girls sing it out?

What happens when you take 2016’s most swagger-filled presidential candidate and have little girls sing his radical rhetoric, set to the tune of a classic wartime song? The audience at Donald Trump's Wednesday rally in Florida found out.

The Republican candidate's campaign put a trio of girls outfitted in American-flag dresses on stage at a Wednesday rally, where they sang a rewrite of the 1917 song “Over There” — a tune once used to encourage young men to enlist — to promote his presidential bid.

The song included some Trump-like rhetoric: “Cowardice! — are you serious? / Apologies for freedom — I can’t handle this!” 

The girls, dancing in unison, make their pitch for Trump’s candidacy.

“Enemies of freedom, face the music! C’mon boys take ‘em down. President Donald Trump knows how to make America great — deal from strength or get crushed every time!”

It may only be January, but it's likely we have a strong contender for 2016’s catchiest moment.