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In South Carolina, bravado and hair inspections for Trump

Donald Trump says his hair is the real deal.

Donald Trump says his hair is the real deal.

“I don’t wear a toupee, it’s my hair, I swear,” the Republican front-runner said of his world-famous comb forward at a rally in Greenville, South Carolina on Thursday. “I do use hairspray."

To prove it, he invited a woman from the crowd on stage to check. “Is it mine? he asked, bowing his head to the woman to inspect.

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“Oh, it is!” the woman said with a bit of surprise.

The hair shtick -- Trump's way of proving wrong a New York Times story that reported that a Latino radio show host had dubbed him “El hombre del peluquín, the man of the toupee -- was a particularly colorful way of criticizing the media. Trump is campaigning as an outsider and paints the press as a tool of the political establishment. 

His success is a "movement" he said, and his poll numbers signal that people are "just not going to take it anymore."

In his rambling stump speech, the Republican front-runner spoke at length about how bad the medical care at the Department Veterans Affairs, decried his opponents repeatedly, and argued that the country needs his "tough tone."

In a press conference later, Trump hinted that he and Republican rival Sen. Ted Cruz may host "something very big" in D.C. to protest the Iran deal, but wouldn't offer any more details.

The rest of the speech was mostly bravado. Here's some of the most memorable moments.

  1. “Can Trump build a wall?” he asked to cheers. “Someday when I’m not around it’ll be called the Trump wall, and it’s gonna be the greatest!"
  2. Decrying American infrastructure, Trump spoke about the airports in Qatar,  which he prefers to mispronounce as "ka-tar" instead of the accurate pronunciation of "cut-ter". 
  3. "We have a chance to be truly great, truly great, truly great – I don’t mean a little bit, I mean truly great again."

Correction: This article originally reported that Qatar was part of the United Arab Emirates.