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Hillary Clinton's 5 funniest emails

Scandals-searchers in the latest email dump came up empty, but that didn't stop Twitter from seizing on a couple hilarious emails you have to see to believe.

The State Department released about 3,000 pages of Hillary Clinton's emails late Tuesday night, covering part of the time the Democratic presidential candidate served as secretary of state.

Critics searching for scandals in the latest email dump came up empty on an initial pass. But that didn't stop Twitter from seizing on a couple hilarious, offbeat, or downright zany emails that have to be seen to be believed. Here's our top five.

1. Hillary Clinton really wants to go to this meeting.


2. Clinton maybe doesn't know how a fax machine works? 

3. Sen. Barbara Mikulski does not proofread her emails.

4. Hillary and Bill's marriage is just like yours, but with more aides.

5. True power is making Oprah rearrange her schedule.

Bonus: [Redacted]