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Tip of the day: Search

Daily tips to make you a whiz on the site. How to search


When looking for subjects, people, show clips, group, topics, etc. use the box in the top right of the website with the magnifying glass to search all of for relevant content. 

Once you type in what you're looking for and hit enter, there are several categories of results: issues, people, groups, and stories. In the example below, we searched "peace" and the results were as follows:

  • No results for Issues were found; 25 people with the name "peace" were found; and 13 groups with "peace" were found. 
  • 660 Stories with "peace" were found and they can be broken down to by: All, Articles, Videos, or Polls for your convenience. You can break down the results further by issue tag, show, or publish date.
  • The most relevant articles will fill the rest of the page. The article "Obama calls U.S commitment..." is the first example and if you were to scroll down there would be a few other articles that show up.