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The State of the Union is ... (YOU fill in the blank)

How are you feeling about the country? Msnbc wants to give you the floor: Facebook it, tweet it, Instagram it and/or say it with an emoji with #SOTUis.

President Obama continues to drop State of the Union spoiler alerts leading up to annual address to the nation on Tuesday.

The president plans to unveil a mix of legislative proposals and execution actions in front of a joint session of Congress. Unlike other years where the content of the speech remained hush-hush until the last minute, this year Obama tried out a different approach by announcing some of his ideas ahead of time. We've gotten a taste of what he plans to discuss, ranging from an education push to make community college free for students who qualify to amping up the country's cyber-security efforts in the wake of the recent Sony and Centom hacks.

Given all that, how are you feeling about the direction of the country in 2015? Msnbc wants to give you the floor. 

Please tell us how you really feel by filling in the blank, literally: "The state of the union is ....." Facebook it, tweet it, Instagram it and or say it with an emoji. Just include the hashtag #SOTUis. will compile and post the best responses online and on the new live-streaming channel,

Editors note: About those whimsical emojis... Here's a cheat-sheet on what each sign means. If you're using your cell phone, you can unleash these adorable characters to the world by adding the emoji keyboard under settings. If you're on a desktop, the site breaks down in detail which browsers support the characters, and which might need an extra boost. WaPo also offered up a 30-second explainer on how to use them.