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The msnbc community's hopes for peace, education, and health

Growing Hope is msnbc’s invitation to Americans to share their hopes for change around issues that impact our communities.

Growing Hope is msnbc’s invitation to Americans to share their hopes for change around issues that impact our communities. 

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"I hope that one day people stop buying guns and start buying books and music, knowing that violence can only be defeated through culture..."'

"I hope that one day all food will be available for everyone worldwide and that it will be healthy and without GMOs!"'

"I hope that one day, there will come a time that we won't have to live in fear of terrorist attacks."'

"[I hope] doctors will be trained, available, and un-harassed to provide safe abortions for women who choose to have one."'

"I hope we all accept each other for who we are."'

"I hope that every high school student takes personal finance and learns how to save and earn interest."'

We invite you to join the Growing Hope conversation. Click here to share your hope regarding an issue that matters to you. Become part of a vibrant new community of voices helping to shape the conversation and inspire change.