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The msnbc community responded to this week's news

You had a lot to say this week. Here's a round-up of comments from the community.
Image: Funeral Held For Teen Shot To Death By Police In Ferguson, MO
Lesley McSpadden arrives at Friendly Temple Missionary Baptist Church for the funeral of her son Michael Brown on Aug. 25, 2014 in St. Louis, Mo.

You had a lot to say this week. Here's a round-up of comments from the community. Post a thoughtful response in the comments of an article, and you just might see it featured here next week.

On Monday, the parents of unarmed teen Michael Brown called for a peaceful day throughout St. Louis as the family prepared for his funeral and burial.

"His mother called him a gentle giant. The video of him before the shooting may give him a different appearance. However, both of these are easily reconciled. Michael Brown was a human being. He could be gentle and rash and caring and frightening just as all of us can be at certain times in our lives. We are all at times perfect and flawed and wonderful and abhorrent. "'

Senator Gillibrand described her congressional colleagues lampooning her weight. Should she have to say who they are? 

"You don't have to name names to know sexism, harassment, and work-place violence exists in the hallowed halls of the Senate and House. They can pass laws about harassment, they can be appalled when its happening in the military, they will never recognize or acknowledge it in their own backyard. It's a 'good ole boys' attitude. We all know it happens on both sides of the aisle."'

The majority of African-Americans think police departments across the country act unfairly toward different racial and ethnic groups, a new poll found.

"The police don't treat racial groups equally and they don't treat age groups equally. I'm an old guy now and they couldn't be nicer. When I was in my 20's they always struck an attitude with me. I had long hair and I was made to feel like I had done something wrong in every interaction. Now what little hair I have is white and they pretty much don't even notice I exist."'

The constitutionality of twin same-sex marriage bans were weighed Tuesday before the 7th Circuit Court of Appeals as the issue draws nearer to the U.S. Supreme Court. 

"Those against citizen equality and justice really have no arguments in their favor. Not if you're honest, not if you value truth, not if you protect and defend the Constitution."'

With its acquisition of Tim Hortons, Burger King is the latest U.S. company to reduce its tax bill by reincorporating abroad, a process known as inversion.

"Shop and eat at restaurants that are local and owned by people in the community. The money stays in the local economy and benefits your community."'