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Tales from the trail: Kasich gets emotional

The candidate was responding to a question during his 94th town hall in New Hampshire.
Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks at a town hall meeting on Feb. 3, 2016 in Raymond, N.H. (Photo by Andrew Burton/Getty)
Republican presidential candidate Ohio Governor John Kasich speaks at a town hall meeting on Feb. 3, 2016 in Raymond, N.H.

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Kasich Gets Emotional on the Campaign Trail

RAYMOND, N.H. — At his town hall in a small VFW hall this afternoon, Ohio Gov. John Kasich appeared to choke up while answering a question on the government's role in caring for the disabled.

Kasich was speaking about work in his state to integrate people who are developmentally disabled into the workforce.

"There were a number of families who came with their -- some-adult -- children with disabilities. And they were crying, 'Somebody cares about my kid,'" Kasich recalled, and paused, choking up. "We have to care about their kids, don't we?" he continued, nodding, and then hugged the woman who asked the question.

"We have to care about their kids because they have a right to have a life just like we do."

Kasich was responding to a woman who has made other appearances at New Hampshire town halls to ask candidates about filling out a candidate questionnaire on disability issues. It was Kasich's 94th town hall in New Hampshire, this one held inside of a smoky room as spectators sat around him in cushy chairs and others sat in the back at a bar.

It's not rare for Kasich to get emotional on the trail — He choked up in front of a small crowd in August when he got the endorsement of a local state senator and was talking about how much his rise in New Hampshire that month meant to him.

Kasich also got emotional last month while encouraging people to fight through addiction at a New Hampshire summit on substance abuse. And just last week, he told a New Hampshire town hall in Salem that he recently cried in his room while reflecting on where he came from amid all of the recent endorsements and support he's seen in the state.

-- Kailani Koenig covering the New Hampshire primary

Campaign Embeds or Ghost Hunters?

HANOVER, N.H. — Campaign embeds don't travel light.

When we show up at a restaurant at the end of the day, it's no small production. We drag in laptops and cameras to file stories and transmit footage while we eat -- and it usually comes with polite, yet befuddled glances from other patrons.

Tuesday night, after a long day of following Jeb Bush around the Granite State, the group of network embeds huddled in a booth of a Mexican restaurant on the edge of Dartmouth's campus where once again we attracted curiosity.

Normally, people guess that we're reporters and they just want to know what networks we represent and which candidate we're in town with -- but last night we heard a new one:

While we might not be 'ghost hunters' today, the campaign doesn't last forever, so the future career suggestion was appreciated after a very long day.

-- Jordan Frasier covering the Bush campaign

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