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Famous astrologist explains which 2016ers' stars shine the brightest

There’s a reason some candidates are shining more than others, and it doesn’t have anything to do with their policies. It has to do with Zodiac signs.

There’s a reason some presidential candidates are shining more than others in the very crowded 2016 field, and it doesn’t have anything to do with their policies, positions on the issues, or experience —  it’s about signs. Zodiac signs.

“Scott Walker’s sexy,” famed astrologist and founder of Susan Miller told msnbc, pointing to the Wisconsin governor's chart. This particular Scorpio, Miller said, “has a magnetic charisma … an edgy quality.”

"Scorpios are very discreet. They don’t like their private life made known."'

Miller studied the charts of several 2016 hopefuls on both sides of the aisle, focusing on their birth date and year, to determine what their astrological sign says about their qualities as leaders -- and how the timing of this election cycle could help or harm their chances of being the next president of the United States.

“Timing is everything in astrology, and Hillary Clinton is going into this race at the right time,” Miller said of the former secretary of state and leading Democratic candidate, who is also a Scorpio. “So is Scott Walker.”

Miller doesn’t claim to predict the future, stressing that “nothing is predetermined by astrology.” But as a celebrity astrologer and author of multiple books, her observations are notable. Her website, which offers free horoscopes, has a monthly following of 6 million.

Why Hillary Clinton and Scott Walker have an edge

Based on Miller's analysis, it’s no coincidence that Clinton and Walker in particular stand out. Scorpio is a fixed sign in astrology, Miller explains, and “American people love fixed signs.” Eighteen elected presidents are or were fixed signs, including President Barack Obama.

“As a fixed sign, once they decide how they feel about an issue they stick with it,” Miller said. Clinton is especially favored in this election because her chart shows a “crown of stars” — a time when several planets are clumped in Scorpio, denoting prominence, Miller added.

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So far, the stars are aligning as such for Clinton, whom polls show is leading rivals in both parties consistently. As for the Clinton email controversy — a months long ongoing investigation into her use of a personal email address during her tenure at the State Department — Miller points straight to her chart for a bit of insight.

“Scorpios are very discreet. They don’t like their private life made known,” Miller said.

“[Clinton] was born with Saturn conjunct Pluto conjunct Mars,” Miller added. Translation: “She has critics and she has enemies, but by now, she knows how to deal with them.”

The candidates you shouldn't count out

While Clinton and Walker are Miller’s predictions for the Democrat and Republican nominations, there are a handful of other promising candidates, including New Jersey Republican Gov. Chris Christie and former Maryland Democratic Gov. Martin O’Malley.

Christie’s claim-to-fame directness and (at times) aggressive attitude is just part of him being a Virgo, Miller said. “I know he has this tough guy image, but if you looked at his heart — if you zipped it open — it’s almost like a Twinkie with all the sweet cream inside,” Miller said.

O’Malley, Miller said, is expected to make a splash in September of 2016, when Jupiter goes into his house of fame and honors. “He’s on someone’s short list,” she said.

"...he just doesn’t have the power of the other planets behind him right now."'

The candidates you probably should count out

And then there are the candidates who might want to reconsider their bids. Donald Trump, a newly-minted GOP contender, “doesn’t really have any aspects that could help him easily get into power,” Miller found in his chart.

As for Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, "he just doesn’t have the power of the other planets behind him right now so he’d have to work harder."

Still, recognizing the unpredictability of politics and the nature of astrology, Miller added, "you can never say if someone's going to win or not." 

This Democrat and this Republican have a lot in common

The chart breakdown shows some unexpected similarities among the candidates, too. For instance, Vermont Democratic Sen. Bernie Sanders and Kentucky Republican Sen. Rand Paul have several of the same characteristics. A Virgo and Capricorn respectively, both have it in them to shake up the status quo.

Paul, who recently staged a filibuster-like protest against provisions in the Patriot Act, “doesn’t mind saying what’s on his mind, even if it’s not in his interest,” Miller said. His moon in Gemini shows that he’s got the talent to be a great speaker, she added.  

Sanders, who’s been attracting large crowds at his events, has distinguished himself as someone who talks about the issues in an off-the-cuff manner. This talent stems from being born with the moon in Aries, Miller explained: “If he believes deeply in something, he’s going to say it, whether the critics jump on him or not.”

The reason Jeb Bush can't escape his brother

Perhaps the most complicated and telling chart belongs to former Florida Republican Gov. Jeb Bush, who is both blessed and cursed with Jupiter in his solar fourth house of family. In particular, his chart shows a real stress Bush faces when it comes to criticizing his brother, former President George W. Bush.

"In his chart for brothers and sisters, he has Venus, so this makes it really hard for Jeb to criticize his brother," Miller noted. “There’s so much emotion there."

Jeb Bush has struggled to find a sweet spot where he draws the line with his brother without being seen as too critical or disloyal, Miller explained. It's a dilemma that's become even more evident in recent months as the younger Bush has stumbled endlessly over how to answer the infamous "should the U.S. have invaded Iraq" question.

Miller is conflicted as to whether Jeb Bush is even 100% in the race. “By his chart, he wants to go and run for president and he doesn’t," she said. "Maybe he knows too much.”