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Some Mizzou students on Yik Yak are not happy about president's resignation

Some Mizzou students are using the anonymous social media app to voice their displeasure over Wolfe's resignation, and the protests that led to it.

After University of Missouri President Tim Wolfe announced his resignation Monday amid student protests over the university’s handling of race issues, many Mizzou students took to Yik Yak, an anonymous messaging app, to react to the news.

While activists and others on social media have voiced their support on Twitter for the movement and protests begun by the Mizzou students, on Yik Yak, the tone of the reactions was very different. Many students used the anonymous app to question the purpose of the protests and express anger and disappointment over Wolfe's resignation. 

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MSNBC took a look at Yik Yak, which uses geolocation to display messages in a certain area or around a certain university, and viewed messages posted by users at the University of Missouri campus. As of noon EST, these were some of the most popular messages on Yik Yak at the University of Missouri campus. Popularity is determined by users voting up or down on messages they like or dislike. The number of upvotes is displayed to the right of each message.